Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rite (part 1)

Good,Evil,Faith and Religion,are issues that the new 2011 movie called "The Rite" talks about."Micheal kovak",a christian young man barely 28 years old,lived with his father and worked with him in the shrouding business (mortuary owner).they wash the dead,dress them in there good gowns, do there hair,sometimes get their nails done,and put them in their highly polished and very elegant coffins,preparing them for there burial,micheal-when he was a kid- once saw his father whispering in a dead body`s ear while doing her hair something like "its ok,the pain is gone now,its over".later micheal finds out that the woman his father was speaking to was his mother.his father then brings him in,where she was and ask his son to start chanting the prayers for his dead mother,forcing him not to be afraid,forcing his son thats its ok.

micheal grows up with this memory in his mind,along with too many other memories about his early journey with death,
as a descendant of a family who has all worked in this business,he was obligated to follow the legacy and work in the same old business,micheal later joins a seminary school,not really convinced what he`s doing there,not even sure he believes in it.filled with a massive package of doubts,micheal types his resignation letter from school on his laptop and sends it to the principal (father mathew)

father mathew decides to have "the talk" with micheal after seeing his email,sensing that the boy is lost in confusion and mislead by evil in this world,he decides to help him in a highly unusual way when he asks him to join a secret Christian organization that gives fathers and nun the necessary skills to excoriate the devil from within the people it possessed.
"Exorcism",removing evil from people using the holy bible,water and the holy cross.a ritual that has been going probably since the beginning of time,done by fathers to save people who are believed to be possessed by the Devil,and only fathers and nuns can remove evil from within you...they can purify you,make you good again.

micheal flies to rome to start the training program for the exorcism.relating everything he hears or learns to science and facts, refuse to believe that these people are really possessed by the devil and that its just psychological disorders and these people should see a shrink.again being the outcast in the family, his professor sends him to an old friend who feels might be able to help micheal considering that this old friend is an exorcist,but he has got a mind that thinks outside the box,so he and micheal might get along well and micheal would learn from the lesson form him just fine.

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