Monday, November 22, 2010


i have seen evil
i have lived it,
he is everywhere,
i saw his eyes
they are more than two,he has so many eyes and they were all looking at me
he has been around all through my life,watching it; making sure it goes as he planned it for me.
watching,waiting,like the spectator of the show,making ME the spectator of my own life too,it was his master plan all along and they all served him wright,his recruiters.served their master with plain obedience and the dedicated desire to corrupt,to destroy.
and now,after his mission is accomplished he is still there,looking at me.i feel all his eyes looking at me now,gazing with a huge interest;he is so glad that he ruined me;feeling so proud and egoistic that his pride might trick him into showing himself to me,revealing his identity along with his true nature;EVIL, hideous,ugly,soulless, controlled by emotions.only the bad since they are all what he`s got inside him.
his body is like red and black colored.with wounds and bruises everywhere,his eyes are so vibrant with red thats you`d think for a second that they were on fire,his nose is pointed out toward you like its saying that you are the one i need to corrupt now (it says that to everyone).his teeth are coming straight out of wide dark red lips, like all he feeds on is his own blood coming out of his lips,caused by his own fangs,his own pain.

he is just here watching his victory.watching himself after he got the best of me.watching me writing about him with sorrow and desperation.he won.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the male machine...point taken.

-OMAR The 2nd: Excuse me for just one second i think we`ve had this conversation before NO MORE THINKING ABOUT IT.

-Omar the first: i`m sorry but what am i supposed to do ?

it keeps showing up,i cant control my thoughts.

-OMAR The 2nd: yes you can.havent you been listening to paul mckenna`s "master your thoughts and emotions" positivity collection????havent you read the secret???? dont you see him doing it all the time????

go ahead and say no and you are a dead man.

-Omar the first: well.....i mean yea,but.....these stuff are just gonna turn into a male machine,and fyi......I AM NOT A MACHINE.

-OMAR The 2nd: where is the harm in becoming one??

-Omar the first: the harm is that i will be turned into a guy who hardly feels stuff,enjoy things,and i dont think i`ll ever feel joy if i keep turning off my feelings or put them on hold everytime i want to.

-OMAR The 2nd: so you are saying.....

-Omar the first: and eventually i`ll collapse.

-OMAR The 2nd: collapse??

-Omar the first: dont you see it,it is happening to happened once before and i have seen it. as a matter of fact i`ve only seen it happen to him once,only god knows when else did it happen and he was able to take it inside him again like he always do.

-OMAR The 2nd: your point dude??

-Omar the first: i cant and i wont and i dont want to turn myself into a male machine.i am a human being,i have feelings and emotions and i have every right to feel those emotions and feelings.and i love it....i love me this way.

-OMAR The 2nd: and?

-Omar the first: and i will master my mind,use it when its necessary,BLOCK it when its not.god created me that way.when feelings might take me high above the mountains and far across the seas,and feelings might turn my life into a dark,frightening nightmare i`ll know im not a male machine..........I`m human.

-OMAR The 2nd:.........point taken.