Friday, May 20, 2011

A letter from another planet

Dear Earthers,

Since you now live in a world where the bad guys are the good guys ,and the good guys are the bad guys.where the criminals are actually the heroes, and their names remains in your minds a lot longer than the heroes (as you knew them).

humanity has lost its way.starting to slowly burn,flame by flame it grows,taking over,consuming your life; and when will it stop?do you think its ever going to stop? between wars over the years, feuds, revolutions , conspiracies and a lot of brain washing. are you ever going to survive? more importantly, are you ever going to realize the truth?

Judaism , Christianity , Islam , Buddhism, sophism, baha`i , your Earth has too many religions don't you think? where did they all come from ? what are there origins ?

what about technology Earthers, the only thing that you seem to be using these days is your finger.all you ever do in your life is click on something, touch it, and you have what you want.and its going to get worse,you are going to be more and more lazy if you rely on technology in everything; soon and soon technology will diminish your minds,the only thing you have Earthers that keeps you going,soon it will be will be over by your own creation as your minds continue to improve the thing that will destroy you.

you need to get a grip Earthers and start opening your eyes, take a deep breath, remove those rose colored glasses that you have been always using to see everything around you and start realizing what is really going on in your planet.

this friendly letter from an alien friend who has been watching your planet for a very long time. you need to be careful Earthers because i'm hearing that the national army where i live is planning on taking over your careful !

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