Thursday, December 16, 2010

life,it is full of ups and downs in everything.its got everything you need to success and everything that would make you fail.
life, it has got love,hate,pain,anger,ignorance,happiness,sadness, difficulties,people who try to find love,an people who try to find hate.

why does people tend to be against a thing so badly? they hate it,get angry at it.use all their nervous and emotional energy to completely express how much they are against this thing.they go on streets protests,holding signs,throwing flyers and shouting with all they might to prove their point.
is it worth it? does a person really want to be so exhausted,so consumed by this anger that he or she spend such a chuck of their time in life expressing those negative feelings?
as i said before life is full of contradictory things;so why do you spend so much time hating something,adding more anger and sadness and negativity in your life when you can spend this same time appreciating something?loving it,looking intently at you are seeing it for the first time every time you see it , with new eyes,new feelings....good ones.
some people also tend to be very judgmental.they think they have the right to throw judgments at people,telling them if they were wrong or right (according to their very own personal point of view).the thing is,they are just human beings that god has created,just like he created those they were judging.
god created us to live,explore life,maybe try figure it out,see the point of his creation...think about it..and him.
another thing about god,he created each and every single person on a constant searching for love state.
so there is absolutely no point in spending a second in our lives hating anything,judging anybody,because judging is only god`s job.....and court judges too :D.

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