Friday, July 15, 2011

Rola (a short story)

Rola was over the moon, on her way home out of the pub. She had had a great time- after a long day at work-seeing her friends, dancing with her fiancée, drinking and catching up with him. She hadn’t seen him in two days and she already missed him so much. She knew he loved her hair curly so she let all her brown hair cover her shoulders and almost half of her back; she didn’t put much make up on her white face except for some red lipstick and a simple black mascara around her blue eyes. She wore her shiny silk green blouse and regular black pants.

When she danced, she danced with all her heart. Let her curly waves fly all around her.

She always felt so alive when she was with her fiancée; how much she loved him, how happy and joyful he made her feel, like she never loved before.

She was taking her usual way home-she uses every chance she could take to use that road by the Nile; she loves that road, especially at night when the street lights were on. They make the street looks so shiny which matches the lights on the Nile reflected by the moon.

This night, the walk on the Nile was different; since she started her walk she felt like something is coming up, approaching her. It was a feeling she hasn’t felt in a very long time. Usually it is mixed with a sense of a burden that makes her feel 50 times heavier; but this time it was different, lighter, it made her feel, so peaceful that she smiled.

Rola now knew what that feeling was, she remembered it, and she couldn’t have been mistaken about it. She was so happy she felt that way, after such a very long time.

Waking up from her deep thoughts and memories, she tilted her head up and saw what she knew she would see. He was walking in her direction. He was getting so close to her, she smelled his perfume. It was different from the one he used to wear when they were together.

Now he was one step away from her, his shoulder was so close to hers that their hands could have easily touched. She knew he didn’t see her, but she was sure he felt her presence just as strong as she felt his; she knew they both felt one another. The moment their shoulders almost touched, was as if they connected on a different level, sharing the same thoughts and memories. They even shared the same peaceful feeling she had when he was approaching. That peaceful feeling that Rola knew what it meant.

After the connection was over, rola was a few feet away from him. That state of peace and joy was still inside her. She was so overwhelmed with it that she couldn’t help but spin around herself, twirl like a butterfly, emanating the vibes of happiness and joy to the whole world around her.

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